Strategic Partnership with Seniors IT

July 21, 2020 by
Strategic Partnership with Seniors IT

As part of its aim to expand its scope of work as a leading regional company in the field of cybersecurity, Seniors IT recently signed a partnership agreement with Ras Saudi Company, a leading Saudi company in the field of manpower solutions according to the highest international standards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  A company with facility management and support services, that offer the best business solutions and integrated services for all sectors, whether governmental or private. The leading company takes part in providing additional services in KSA & Jordan that include financial technology, software development and logistics services.

The company specializes in laying out technological services to help establish better and smarter businesses. This results by offering benefits that incorporate fintech, IoT, software development, UI/UX and app development.

Apart from technological solutions, the company offers logistics services covering last mile delivery.
Working from transportation to warehousing with qualified and well-trained manpower maintaining accurate inventory records with a professionalized tracking system where all is kept updated.

Thanks to our cooperation, we will be able to meet the needs of the market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as we realize the importance of the services we provide and the volume of demand for them in the region and under this partnership we will also establish a Sok Center to meet the needs of the vital sectors and put them in a safe range, as one of the main requirements of Seniors IT’s strategy is to declare growth and development by entering new markets and achieving our business objectives in multiple countries. We are aware of the importance of entering the Saudi market, and we believe that Ras Saudi Arabia will be the ideal partner for us in the Kingdom.